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Solar charger and its basic information

Le 20 December 2013, 04:25 dans Humeurs 0

Solar charger is a device that can convert solar energy into electrical energy stored in a battery inside, the battery can be for any form of power storage devices, mainly are lead-acid batteries, lithium batteries, nickel metal hydride battery, and the load can be mobile phones and other digital products, the load is diversity.

The Product Type of Solar Charger.Type one, with lighting function’s solar charger, built-in super energy-efficient LED lighting lamps, very power. If simply used for LED lighting, according to the size of the built-in battery capacity can be used for 3 hours to 30 hours.Type two, only with charging function’s solar charger, this charger without any other extended features. The advantage of this type of charger is the capacity is very large, very suitable for professional external power supply.Type three, support power adjustable block’s solar chargers. General Support 5v, 9v can be adjusted.

Ordinary solar panels typically only absorb part of the solar spectrum, and usually when only absorb direct sunlight the work efficiency is high, so a lot of solar installations are all equipped with automatic adjustment system to ensure that the solar panels is always to keep the sun most conducive to absorptionthe angle of energy.

The battery of Solar mobile phone charger are usually lithium battery, the best should be the lithium polymer battery, security and high-performance.The principle of the solar charger for cell phone is converted the solar energy to electrical energy stored in the built-in battery of solar cell phone charger, when need to charge their cell phones, solar cell phone charger battery will output the energy to charge the phone.

Common attributes of the 18650 battery

Le 19 December 2013, 04:41 dans Humeurs 0

The decades of diligent research and constant tinkering have produced a lithium battery that presents many advantages to consumers. As researchers find additional ways to use the 18650, production of the battery continues to increase. Higher production rates have led to declining costs. Lower costs are just one factor that make the 18650 battery popular among consumers of electronics.

Although 18650 batteries have varied attributes that depend on both the manufacturer specifications and model type, they possess enough common characteristics to form a list that consumers can use to judge the merit of using the batteries in their electronic devices. Consumers should be sure to understand what their electronic device requires, before they choose a 18650 battery type to power it.

The 18650 battery typically has a power of 3.7 volts and a current of 2600mAh. An overwhelming number of 18650 types are rechargeable. This feature should become the uniform standard moving forward. The cylindrical shape and battery design prevents harmful electrode liquid leaks. Also available to consumers are 18650 batteries that manufacturers package with chargers. The chargers contain and automatic off system that shuts down battery charging when it reaches a limit of 4.2 volts.

Some points of choosing a satellite receiver

Le 17 December 2013, 03:49 dans Humeurs 0

Satellite TV is an alternative to cable or aerial TV, especially in remote places where cable is not available or there is no Freeview reception. There are two main items that are required to receive satellite programming. A satellite dish picks up satellite broadcasts and a satellite receiver unscrambles the signal for viewing on a standard television, extracts individual channels from the main signal, and, when appropriate, keeps track of pay-per-view programs for billing.When it comes to choosing a receiver here are a few points to consider.

The channels you want to receive

If you only want to watch the Free to air ( FTA ) channels available then there are plenty of models to suit your needs. FTA machines are cheaper than the more high spec machines but will generally contain the DiSEcQ protocol in their software which means that they can still be motorised or used with multiple LNB's. It's important to check that they have the right connections for your TV / VCR setup as some models have SCART connections only.The disadvantage of FTA machines is that should some of the channels you watch become encrypted then there is no provision in the machine to de scramble them.

Embedded Receivers

The term embedded relates to the hd satellite receivers for sale having a de-scrambler embedded onto the printed circuit board of machine. There are many formats of encryption used by the different broadcasters across Europe - Viaccess, Irdeto, Conax, etc and these formats can be found embedded on various makes and models of receivers.

Conditional Access Modules ( CAM's )

A CAM is a de-scrambler unit used to unscramble a Digital broadcast and is inserted into a receiver's Common Interface slot (CI)

Common Interface Machines

Receivers are generally quoted as containing a number of Common Interface slots (CI), this enables them to cope with different encryption methods used by the broadcasters across Europe. The relevant CAM is purchased for the encryption method of the channels you wish to view, then it simply slots inside the CI slot in the machine. Some receivers contain 2 CI slots and have an embedded scrambling format also.

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